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Vaughn Davis Jr.


May 6 2021 - April 2 2021

Dragon, Crab, and Turtle is pleased to announce a solo exhibition titled “Chroma” by Vaughn Davis Jr. (b. 1995). Davis Jr. is a St. Louis native that creates cut, torn, and pigmented raw canvases that drape and sprawl across, up, and down walls. He defies the tradition of painting by allowing the canvas to hang naturally as though it has a life of its own, defying the formal picture frame. The canvases are penetrated, both recto and verso, with vivid slews of expressive chromatic pigment that might allow the viewers to see a calm and chaos in Davis Jr. that compliments the physical presence of the paintings. 


Vaughn Davis Jr. received his BFA with Departmental Honors in Sculpture from Webster University in St. Louis.  He has exhibited work at Monoco, St. Louis; Gazebo Gallery, Kent, OH; and The Luminary, St. Louis, MO; among others.  Additionally, he mounted solo exhibitions at Philip Slein Gallery and at the Center for Creative Arts, both located in St. Louis.  He has been interviewed for,  and St. Louis Public Radio.  

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