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Magic Flying Carpets

Pop Up

Feburary 1  2021 - Feburary 27 2021

Magic Flying Carpets of the Berber Kingdom of Morocco was established in 2011 by a mom and son team alongside his dad, a fellow artist and carpet seller from Erfoud whose family weaves rugs. They have traveled to the Sahara desert to visit our family and ended up collecting rugs along the way. They love Morocco and they love rugs! The duo travels all over from the Atlas Mountains to the desert to Erfoud in the desert meeting the people who make the rugs and learning how they are made.

Magic Flying Carpets have had temporary spaces and pop up shops all over, including NADA Art Fair : Miami; Canada gallery, China Art Objects, Feature Inc., Gordon Robichaux, The Jam 3.0 at Steven Harvey Fine Art Gallery, NOVELLA, as well as out of our Brooklyn apartment and studio.


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