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Carlos Rolón 

Humboldt Park Stories

May 5, 2023 

Dragon Crab and Turtle is proud to announce an exhibition of multi-media sculptures, paintings  and found objects by Chicago Artist, Carlos Rolón, (b. 1970). The exhibition aims to immerse the viewer in the Puerto Rican roots and energy the artist experienced growing up in the Humboldt Park neighborhood of Chicago. Beginning in 1960, Puerto Ricans began migrating to the neighborhood in large numbers, both from the island itself and from Northside neighborhoods. The migration of Puertorriqueños has left its fingerprint on the neighborhood and to this day is an important part of its history despite the growing gentrification around the area.
Rolón utilizes sound, scale and found objects, such as bikes, record players, mirrors, hats and flags to create an immersive Humboldt Park experience. The artist seeks to represent the energy of the neighborhood, from watching a group of friends play dominos while they catch up in their native language, to passing by a corner where Salsa songs are blasting from homemade sound systems or a novice musicians are creating a parranda, playing along to the music as a form of communal connection. Humboldt Park Stories is an homage to all those who refuse to abandon the tangible memories that keep them tied to their native place of home. Their true home.
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