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Katherine Bernhardt and Zéh Palito


Permenant Installation

Katherine Bernhardt (b. 1975, Clayton, MO) is known for brightly-colored, large-scale paintings that depict everyday objects and characters in formally inventive compositions. She combines imagery from pop culture and contemporary life including: E.T., Garfield, Nike swooshes, Pink Panther, Clorox, toucans, cigarettes, Xanax, Dark Vader, Mickey Mouse, Scotch tape, Coca-Cola bottles, watermelon, avocadoes, coconuts and toilet paper. Bernhardt paints these motifs in an all-over pattern harnessing the straightforward immediacy of aerosol spray combined with fluid, chromatic acrylic that pools and mixes directly on the canvas. She draws no hierarchy between her subject matter which comes from her travels or from visits to the fruit stand or 99-cent store. Her early paintings depicted supermodels from fashion magazines, Swatch watches, and Moroccan carpets. Bernhardt spent over twenty years painting in Brooklyn before relocating to St. Louis, Missouri in 2019. 

Zéh Palito (b. 1986, Brazil; lives and works between São Paulo and Baltimore) uses his artistic practice to promote a relationship of mutual respect and pleasure between humans and the natural world, often drawing inspiration from Brazilian, African and American cultures. From canvas to big murals, Palito's vibrant paintings present fantastical landscapes where humans, animals, and plant-life coexist in dynamic harmony.

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